Resolution of the Chairman of the Board of Directors No. 9 of 2017 Industrial Measurements System

OIML R 49-1: Water meters for cold potable water and hot water-Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements

Law No 1 of the year 2012

Directive 2014/30/EU

Other ISO /OMIL/EN related directives and standards

Industrial Measurement System

  • Application form (Online).
  • Valid UAE Industry/Trade License.
  • Identifying all legal requirements for each measurement device, its accessories and supportive devices through technical regulations and instructions prepared for that purpose.
  • Test Report of the product issued by an accredited laboratory according to the standards related to each product.
  • Adhering the label marking card for the measurement device.

Declaration of conformity by the applicant

  • Download Model Numbers Template
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