Technical Regulations for Construction Materials, Part 1 based on Cabinet Resolution No. 216 of 2010

  • SASO-827 Cast iron sanitary pipes and fittings for waste water and ventilation
  • SASO-859 Threaded steel pipes
  • SASO ISO 6594 Cast iron drainage pipes and fittings-Spigot Series
  • SASO 882-Cast Iron Drain Pipes and Fittings Spigot Series (Hub less) Underground
  • SASO-888 Submerged – arc spiral welded black steel pipes with plain ends for general purposes
  • SASO-1011 Black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes suitable for screwing
  • SASO-1013 Welded plain – End steel tubes and pipes for general uses
  • SASO-1014 Socket and spigot ductile cast iron pipes for pressure pipelines

Plastic, Electrical and Metal Water Fittings

  1. Application form (Online).
  2. Valid Industry/Trade License (For Local Companies)
  3. Declaration of Conformity by the Applicant on the Product(s) for Registration using the Applicant’s Official Letterhead
  4. Test Reports from recognized laboratory as per the requirement of applicable standard for the product
  5. Controlled Copy of relevant (QM) Quality Manual (Soft Copy/in CD/DVD).
  6. Effective Safety Management Systems related with the scope
  7. Copies of labels, markings, logos as required by Specific Standard
  • Download Model Numbers Template
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