Saudi Quality Mark

RACS Quality Certificates Issuing Services is authorized by SASO to do evaluation of products and factories of companies applying for license to use the Saudi Quality Mark.

Saudi Quality Mark is the exclusive property of SASO based on the Registered Trademark registration number 1303/79. This is a mark granted by SASO to be used on products that have demonstrated compliance to Saudi standards, manufactured in a facility that has an effective Management System to ensure continuous conformance to requirements.

Advantages of Getting the Quality Mark:

The Quality Mark is an important means to guide consumers to products that conform to Saudi standards.

Through the Quality Mark, products gain customers’ satisfaction and trust.

It facilitates the entry of products through customs ports and the export process of the products carrying it.

RACS Quality Certificates Issuing Services assure products do fulfill local requirements of kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all companies wishing to market their products inside KSA.