SASO Certificate of Conformity

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) Certificate of Conformity (CoC) scheme ensures that all products entering into Saudi Arabia are in conformity with national product safety and quality requirements.

Importers require SASO conformity certification at customs to prove product conformity and to clear the shipment from the port. The scheme applies to all types of products, excluding a small scope of non-regulated products.

We are authorized by SASO to issue the mandatory COC per shipment.

Partnering with RACS means short lead times and benefitting from our established working relations with local authorities.


  • A proof that the product has been approved by the Federal Government through SASO
  • One of the documents required when clearing shipments from Ports and Customs Authorities
  • Validity will depend on the route of certification applied for
  • Authenticity of issued certificate can easily be checked on-line

Three Routes of Certification






Registration of products


Yes, yearly

Yes with license valid for 3 years

Inspection of shipment

Each shipment

Surveillance every quarter

Random, as part of surveillance

Laboratory testing of products

Test Report required each shipment

Test Report required during
registration only

No, only Type Test Report during initial application

Factory inspection




Best Option for

Occasional exporters

Frequent exporters

Frequent, high volume exporters

Who should apply?

Manufacturers or traders of all products intended for the Saudi Arabia market

Certification Process

The length of certification process is 3 working days and involves the following steps:

  • Application through RACS
  • Submit Your Application
  • Submission of required documents
  • The following are the required documents to be sent by e-mail to  RACS:
  • Request for Certification
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Shipment Invoice
  • Test Report, as needed
  • Other documents, as needed (e.g. Product Technical/Safety Data Sheet, ISO 9001 certificate of manufacturer, Laboratory accreditation certificate)

Fees are established by the Saudi Customs as follows:

Declared FOB value of the Shipment (USD)

Applicable Fees (USD)

0 – 10,000


10,001 – 60,000


60,001 – 100,000


100,001 – 200,000


200,001 – 500,000


500,001 and above


Document Review
Technical experts review all the documents submitted in order to assess completeness and compliance of the product with the requirements as stated in the SASO Technical Regulation and applicable standards.

Inspectors will visit the location of the shipment in order to verify the items declared in the shipment invoice and the conformance of the product labels to requirements.

Product Testing
In case of doubt or as the need arises, Inspectors may collect samples during the inspection and send to an independent laboratory for testing.

Factory Audit
Auditors visit the factory for initial assessment in order to ensure effective implementation of a Quality Management System and continuous compliance of product with the requirements.

Applicant will be notified of any findings that need immediate corrective action.

A Certificate of Conformity will be issued to product that has complied with the requirements.

Verify the authenticity of your SASO Certificate of Conformity