• The UAE regulation to control hazardous substance in electrical and electronic devices was published in the UAE official gazette on April 27, 2017. Its intention is to control or limit presence of the hazardous substances on electrical and electronic devices.
  • IEC 63000:2016: Technical documentation for the assessment of electrical and electronic
    products with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances.
  • IEC 62321 [Part 1 – 7] : Determination of certain substances in electrotechnical products.
  • IEC/TR 62476:2010: Guidance for the evaluation of products with respect to substance-use restrictions in electrical and electronic products

1. Large household appliances

2. Small household appliances

3. IT and telecommunication equipment

4. Consumer equipment

5. Lighting equipment

6. Electrical and electronic tools

7. Toys leisure and Sport equipment

8. Medical devices

9. Monitoring and control instruments including industrial monitoring and control instrument

10. Automatic dispensers

11. Other EEE not covered by any of the categories above or, and falling within the
definition of Article one.

  • Application form (Online).
  • Valid Industry/Trade License (For Companies within UAE).
  • Risk assessment to be submitted in case the full product assessment for RoHS is not completed.
  • Applicant issues a Declaration of Conformity (see attached) including only  critical components.
  • Applicant submits a full RoHS test report of the complete product (if available). Otherwise (3) test reports of the critical component to be submitted once requested by CAB.
  • Detailed description with conceptual design and manufacturing drawings, including a list of components, materials, sub-assemblies and circuits used in the electrical equipment.

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