Non ducted -Room Air conditioners, Central Commercial Air Conditioners, Window and Split Air Conditioners
UAE Scheme No 34 of the year 2014

Electric Storage Water Heaters UAE Scheme No 12 Of the year 2014

​Clothes Washing Machines UAE Scheme No 10 of the year 2013

Refrigerators ,Chillers and Freezers UAE Scheme No 36 of the year 2013

UAE.S 5010-1 : 2016

UAE.S 5010-5 : 2016

UAE.S 5010-2 : 2013

UAE.S 5010-3 : 2013

UAE.S 5010-4 : 2014

UAE.S 5010-6 : 2016

Domestic electric heating apparatus /Electric Storage Water Heaters

Refrigerators, Chillers and Freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment

​Clothes Washing Machines /Centrifugal clothes dryers and Clothes washing machines, including machines which both wash and dry


Air conditioners

  • Application form (Online).
  • Valid Industry/Trade License (For Local Companies).
  • Written Declaration that the same application has not been lodged with any other Notified Body
  • Manufacturer Declaration of Conformity
  • Product Identity Declaration (PID), if applicable.
  • Technical Documentation:
  • A general description of the electrical equipment
  • A detailed description with conceptual design and manufacturing drawings, including a list of components, materials, sub-assemblies and circuits used in the electrical equipment;
  • Descriptions and explanations necessary for the understanding of those drawings and schemes and the operation of electrical equipment;
  • The addresses of the places of manufacture and storage of electrical equipment;
  • A list of the Gulf or IEC Standards applied in full or part, and descriptions of the solutions adopted to meet the essential requirements of the Gulf Technical Regulations in force where those Gulf or IEC Standards have not been applied. In the event of the partly applied Gulf Standards, the Technical Documentation shall specify the parts, which have been applied
  • Results of design calculations made, examinations carried out, etc.
  • A copy of the Gulf-Type examination certificate and a description of the solution adopted by the Manufacturer to ensure the conformity of the production with the type specified in the Gulf-Type examination certificate, and copies of the documents sent by the Manufacturer to the Notified Body;
  • A description of the conformity assessment procedure followed.
  • Test reports from in-house laboratories (belonging to the Manufacturer)/3rd party accredited and recognised laboratory
  • Download Model Numbers Template
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