• UAE Scheme to control Perfumes and Perfumery items
  • S GSO 1943 Cosmetic products – cosmetic Products safety requirements
  • S GSO ISO 22715 Cosmetics -Packaging And Labeling
  • GSO UAE OIML R 87/200 Quantity of Product in Prepackages
  • UAE.S.GSO 2093 Glass containers used for cosmetics.
  • Perfumes and Perfumery items
  • Application ( Online/ Manual)
  • Valid Industry/Trade License (For Companies within UAE).
  • Authenticated free sale certificate from the country of origin.
  • Product composition & ingredients concentration report issued by the
  • Declaration of the Safety of the Nano-materials from the
  • Physical analysis report from the manufacturer or from recognized Testing
  • Use of Good Manufacturing Practice as per UAE.S GSO ISO 22716 or any other GMP approved by
  • Test Report from recognized Testing
  • Test Report for Glass containers as per UAE.S/GSO 2093 from the
  • Certificate for Organic / Halal/ or other claims.
  • Declaration from the factory that the Safety Report will be provided from the factory to the concerned Authority (If needed).
  • Labeling
  • Fees

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