• Petroleum Products

  • UAE Scheme to control Petroleum Products
  • UAE .S GSO 1785:2013 – Lubricant Oil for Internal Combustion Engines
  • UAE.S 477:2013 Diesel (Gas Oil)
  • Petroleum Products
  • Application (Online/ Manual)
  • Declaration of Conformity by the Applicant on the Product(s) for Registration using the Applicant’s Official
  • List of components such as additives It may contain to enhance its
  • Test Report as per the required UAE GSO standard
  • Validity of Test Report (1 year test report).
  • Valid Industry/Trade License (For Companies within UAE).
  • Proof of Exclusive Distributorship from the manufacturer in case the applicant is a trader or an
  • Location Map of the factory and/or warehouse where the product is stored.
  • Product Samples.

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